It is an actuality that the existing timing and dating systems are of too much of self-robbery. This behavior must have sprung out of domestication, not education. Proper education is seriously needed to rescue humans from these self-manipulative ways. The name of this proper education in Cosmingtology is called “Cosmingtocation”.

Cosmingtocation of the mind has to start with proper timing and dating regulations. Yes, it is time for the Julian setting which has done a lot for all recent and current civilizations to metamorphose.  And this metamorphosis must have no other choice than to go Cosmingtonian. Many thanks to the emergence of the CT with its microscopic and telescopic speed.

Moment (Mt)
Round (Rd)
Cosmingtonian Time (CT)

120 Mts = 1Rd
120 Rds = 1CT
24 CT = 1day

15 Rds after a CT = Rise
30 Rds after a CT = Piece
45 Rds after a CT = Bloom
60 Rds after a CT = Mid
75 Rds after a CT = Hence
90 Rds after a CT = Forth
105 Rds after a CT = Set
120 Rds after a CT = CT

Excerpt to be continued...


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The Cosmingtologist
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