The government of Cosmington is of the whole Cosmos. On this earth, its goal is to reach out to global architects and all fellow aliens in order to establish a warless world of law and order--an empire of heaven on earth.

The New Ideology…

In this new millennium, it is of paramount importance that all existing ideologies have to metamorphose. This is necessary for numerous reasonable reasons. As you all already know, Cosmington is the microcosm of the whole Cosmos. Its government is not of Socialism. It is not of Communism. It is not even of Democracy. Yes, it is not of any of the above. The government of Cosmington is a Cosmingtonian one. The name is “COSMINGTOCRACY”.

By definition, Cosmingtocracy is the government of the individual, for the people, by the people.

In a Cosmingtocracy (Cosmingtonian system of government), you shall have the executive, legislative, judiciary and senioritive (seniority). The senioritive is the ceremonial organ of the government.

Every Cosmingtocratic government is both presidential and parliamentary by nature. This government must have a different system of leadership. The head of this government shall be an emperor instead of either a president or a prime minister. Unlike in the presidential system, there shall be no vice president. There shall be a president instead.

The emperor shall be nominated by the political party he belongs and subsequently elected by the people. His coronation by a sitting president shall not exceed one six years term. There shall be no reelection bid for any emperor. Only the congress shall exercise the right to impeach a sitting emperor if the need be.

The activity of the president is ceremonial. He shall be elected by chief justices and inaugurated by a sitting emperor for life. The minimum age for the office of a life president shall be sixty years. Only seniors at the senioritive (former emperors) shall exercise the right to impeach a sitting life president if the need be.

Details shall be disclosed in subsequent months and years ahead.


The Cosmingtologist
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