Cosmingtopire is the global conglomeration of all the Cosmingtopital of the world. It must be the most gigantic complex anywhere on earth. A place beyond the confines of all faiths and states. A place with neither street names nor numbers.

Cosmingtopital is sovereign Cosmington. A gigantic complex which must be “at the outskirts” of all the federal capital cities of the world. A place with neither street names nor numbers.

Cosmingtossembly in either a Cosmingtopital or the Cosmingtopire is a Cosmingtonian assembly where millennia minds must gather.

Cosmingtorant is strictly Cosmingtonian. A setting where nutrition must go beyond human comprehension. It has to be Cosmingtochised.

Cosmingtobassy is a place where passports that must be visa free to all nations of the world shall be issued. The very beginning of the last phase of human evolutions.

Cosmingtogarten must be for Cosmingtovenile only. A sophisticated institution where the children of all Cosmingtogamy must be first Cosmingtocated. A place where the seed of knowledge is sown to grow.

Cosmingtomary must be a post Cosmingtogarten for all Cosmingtovenile. An institution where the tree of knowledge nurtures and grows.

Cosmingtorobics must be a venue exclusively for Cosmingtonian sport activities. A place even the Olympic Games have never been. It has to be Cosmingtochised.

Cosmingtollege is a Cosmingtonian college for all post Cosmingtomentary and Cosmingtomary Cosmingtolescent. An institution where the tree of knowledge branches out.

Cosmingtodemy is a Cosmingtonian academy for all under graduate studies. An institution of learning where Cosmingtonian must take creative thinking to a professional level. And beyond...

Cosmingtosity is a Cosmingtonian university for all post graduate studies. If knowledge is infinite, what you now have is the one and only knowledge of all things that must make infinity (Cosmingtology) near...

Cosmingtorium is the very first entrance for anyone who chooses to subscribe to Cosmingtology. It is a place where Cosmingtorial are given to embryo Cosmingtonian. A place where many are called but few may be chosen.

Cosmingtomotive is synonymous to Cosmingtoratus. It is a Cosmingtonian brand that must be extremely mechanical. A place that flows with WARLESS weapons.

Cosmingtosonics is Cosmington Music. It is a record label that must promote the emerging Imperial Music genre in combination with Compact Plug as a music medium. Its goal is to make music and its consumption metamorphose with time, speed, space and convenience. It has to be Cosmingtochised.

Cosmingtocom is Cosmington telecommunications. Its goal is to make sure all who subscribe to Cosmingtology learn to Cosmingtone instead of telephone. Its entire configurations must be in conjunction with the oral, audio and visual mission of Compact Plug. The accompanying Cosmingtonian Calendar (CC) and Cosmingtonian Time (CT) must define the Cosmingtonage. It has to be Cosmingtochised.

Cosmingtochive is Cosmington library. A place where all Cosmingtonian heritages must forever be kept intact. A rescue for all of human civilizations.

Cosmingtogress is the congressional brand of the Cosmingtopire. A place where “Cosmingtoprudent” (Cosmingtonian lawyers) must advance existing Cosmingtonian laws. The study of Cosmingtonian law in Cosmingtology is “Cosmingtoprudence”. The law of laws and all things.

Cosmingtociary is the judicial brand of the Cosmingtopire. A place where Cosmingtojury and Cosmingtojurial must wield telescopic and microscopic vision to regulate human affairs in line with the laws of the universe.

Cosmingtocutive is the executive brand of the Cosmingtopire. Its mandate is Cosmingtopirial within the Cosmingtonian setting while being Imperial when it comes to faiths, states and transactions of the world. A place where knowledge  (Cosmingtology) is power...

Cosmingtoritive is a place where accomplished, high-ranking and senior Cosmingtologist, Cosmingtologer and Cosmingtologian convene to guide a Cosmos lost and found with divine wisdom and vision in an ever changing world.

Cosmingtopus is Cosmington Creations. A place where highly Cosmingtocated Cosmingtonian minds must create things from nothing with holistic excellence.

Cosmingtory is Cosmington Bank while the study of Cosmingtonian Banking in Cosmingtology is “Cosmingtorycs”. The Cosmingtonian currency in all of its denominations is Coo and Coos. A currency that must finally feed the world, to unite it.


The Cosmingtologist

(All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, using and trading of these works prohibited)

Date: Fiday, Cosmingtonisces 3, 6015 CC

Time: 02:015:000 (Two Rise) CT

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