The World Wide Web is no doubt a magic dream come true as far as global connections, information and communications etc. are concerned, be it of space or speed. And it has taken me many years of sincere observations to finally realize that the cyber world like all worlds may not accomplish its true purpose unless proper measures are taken to protect its transactions. Hence, it has to be fully compact plugged.

Compact plugging works is honestly the best way to dispel any sense of seeming corporate brutality. It lets you into that commercial world of absolute fairness while simultaneously making sure creative minds and hands thrive enough to always give back their very bests. It is a way of letting people have enough, while they must pay as they go, which is the life blood of any anticipated global affluence. 

Compact plugging the Internet and all of its mediums of access could be one of the most important undertakings ever made, since the advent of our present day digital realities and their accompanying download possibilities. 

So long as CP is a subsidiary of the Cosmingtonian business family (Cosmingtomily) l urge you to join this exploration of the futuristic activities of CP in the territory of cyber Cosmington.

Downloading the sample songs of any artist or the synoptic version of a writer’s book is not a gift but right of any CP enthusiast. This is absolutely free of charge. However, you are expected to pay a fee to stream or read the full version of such works for chosen time periods. E.g., you have gained access to the sample songs of a compact plugged album and really want to stream it in its fullest of lengths.

Life CP = 10 Coo
Cyber CP = 5 Coo for five years
Cyber CP = 1 Coo for one year
Cyber CP = 0.50 Coos for six months
Cyber CP = 0.10 Coos for one month
Cyber CP = 0.05 Coos for one week
Cyber CP = 0.01 Coos for one day

These kinds of cyber transactions have to be possible, available and reliable on all compact plugged websites.

It is a conscious fact that sharing, as a fact of life, has advanced interpersonal, communal and global prosperity for the past thousands of years. No civilization ever throve without having to exercise the spirit of sharing in scopes. And I do solemnly adhere to the sharing creed. However, this may not tally well with the prevailing structural phases art is going through in a supposedly convenient cyber setting. And this brings us to the indispensable word, “Download”. Yes, it is all about download, download, and download. 

Downloading any compact plugged work on the Internet is like been compelled to rise up to an occasion. You are made to endorse financial principles that require prioritization and self-discipline.

These are nothing but facts. Affordable empty CPs, just like CDs, are going to be found at the shops. The cost of a CP has to depend on how many gigabits it contains. It is what you would need to be able to download any compact plugged work on the Internet. Downloaded compact plugged work in a CP is neither transferable nor delectable. This is to make sure generations are thought if not encouraged to give back to those who have worked hard enough to be compact plugged. Like the Cosmingtologist once said and I quote; “Share many but files.” Which means file purchase or lending should prevail over sharing.

The same protocol is applicable to PCs (Private Computers), mobile phones, smartphones and other mediums. CP files have to be downloaded to be able to download any compact plugged work on the Internet. Things would remain this way until manufacturers start to get their products compact plugged. Mobile phones are good examples in this particular case. The compact nature of CPs would make for a good plug in insertions. All one needs to do is to decide ahead of time which medium you best need for a particular download. The reason is that compact plugged works are neither delectable nor transferable as stated earlier on.

Excerpts to be continued.


The Cosmingtologist
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