I did not create the world and the words in it. I am here to do my victory in line with the laws that govern its progressive and procreative mechanism. I believe in the establishment and all of its traditions on one condition. This condition encapsulates its desire to grow in a creative Cosmingtonian direction, which is the very definition of holistic excellence.

History has it that conducts are regulated by codes for the sake and common good of coordination and coherence. It is the practical reason why existence on this planet has always gravitated towards security and abundance as its focal points of destinations. However, illusion may set in without discretionary choices on the part, and in the path, of the existing. With these in mind, I hereby want to zoom in and on the word “Coo”, its origin and lively convocation.

Quite amazingly, the earliest definitions of “Coo” are either the making of a subtle sound like a dove or the expression of surprise. As a Cosmingtologist, perceptions start to woo the mind with two compactable words like music and interjection. Transcending both words, I am led to a world that is void of something never known and practiced all through the ages. You should wonder what, while I wonder why. Your what has got something to do with the same word “Coo” and my why is its new and varying Cosmingtonian definitions.

Cosmingtologically speaking, to “Coo” is the very opposite of to steal. It is the honest and secret giving by a benefactor (giver) without the prior consent and knowledge of the beneficiary (receiver). Thus, take this route. At the end of this very route is a quiet dove that is secretive about its interjectory sound. That is not all. Far from it. Follow that peaceful dove to an empire that is proud to have its sound as its Imperial code. The name of that empire is Cosmingtopire. And its Cosmingtoperial Code is “Coo”. Is that all? No, that is not all. Far from it. The Cosmingtopire (Cosmington World) has an anticipated currency. The name of its bank note is the very same word “Coo” (COO & COOS). Are you through with it all?  If yes, what a convocation!


The Cosmingtologist.
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