Cosmingtonia is the feminine attribute of Cosmington. It is a highly sanitized female aspect of all procreative realities in line with the laws of the universe and hence the whole Cosmos. It has been a sad truth that the description of a beautiful noun like Cosmingtonia did lose its authenticity ever since Homosapiens made its existential debut on planet earth. And the culprit is humans in flirtation with lawless freedom instead freedom itself.

Lawless freedom has always mutated as Individuals grow from selves into matrimonies, groups and thus societies.

By definition, lawless freedom is, and of the desire to want to take advantage of any existing laws, WITHOUT THE due repercussions. Disappointingly, I wonder why humans have always either been unable or unwilling to understand that without laws, there never are creations, cohabitations talk less freedom. This has been the root of lying, stealing and killings at many levels, since the dawn of history.

Lawless freedom wears and tears anything, everywhere. Its diminishing returns lead to collective perditions, however singular, its perpetration. In order to contain its devastating nature, faith and state were respectively born. Conversely, faith and state have always found themselves infested by this same lawless freedom, all over time periods. A good example is domestications instead of educations.

There is no doubt that lawless freedom leads to suspicions. There is no doubt that untreated suspicions lead to superstitions. And there is no doubt that untreated superstitions lead to hatred, wars and destructions.

There are numerous laws surrounding COSMINGTON as a gigantic blessing which must never ever be turned into a gigantic calamity. No person, place or thing should ever be named or called COSMINGTON, COSMINGTONIA and all their derivatives.

I urge the world to say NO! to lawless freedom.


Excerpt to be continued.


The Cosmingtologist
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