At long last, it has finally come around. Cosmingtology as an emerging Knowledge is very Cosmingtolectic by nature. It is the study of Cosmington, as the microcosm of the whole Cosmos, which has to be unfolded in subsequent times and ways.

Realistically, The Cosmingtologist has always proven why Cosmington cannot afford to be a “Non-Profit-Entity”. No. Not the microcosm of the whole Cosmos with an economy, a government, future currency, citizenship and passports that can, should, and must unite the world. No. Not a multi-trillion complex.

Heaven as we all now know cannot be established on earth without a secret that has eluded humans all through the ages. This secret lies in the word “branding”. We first have to brand heaven before we can establish its empire on earth. It is heart wrenching to realize that this planet is not worth a hundred trillion Coo, GDP wise. Despite its Cosmingtopirial disposition and beauty.

Make no mistakes; our ultimate goal at the Cosmingtopire is to Cosmingtonise words, places and things which have to be Cosmingtochised to entities with millennia minds, infallible acumens and business pedigrees. The power in Cosmingtonisation shall enrich the treasure of those who subscribe to Cosmingtology for long. Hence, you may have to patronize, as you make up your mind to join the Cosmingtonian journey. Finally.

We implore you to make Cosmingtology the knowledge never to pass by.


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