Cosmingtorace is the celestial amalgamation of all races in and of the whole Cosmos. In the absence of any endorsed consummation, Cosmingtorace validates the comprehension of an intermingling coexistence of all the inhabitants of our only cosmos, in a Cosmingtonian bearing, with no contaminations.

Yes, animals in human homes are race contaminations. A human brain spun zoology. All domesticated animals have to be treated like horses. This means they have to be submitted to a system that should be assigned the responsibility of giving them proper care in locations where they can collectively be amongst their groups.

Quite honestly, it is a blatant fact that the human race has always been ascribed different callings in line with the prevailing circumstances of times, be it of positivity or negativity. In spite of the fact that it has not fully been able to grasp the immense possibilities that surrounds its existence, the human race does not even know if and how subsistence in distant assemblies has reflections on this earth it calls home. It has been swinging high and low in the pendulum of time, space and consciousness.

One begins to wonder if humans know what they know. One begins to wonder if humans know what they don’t know. And one begins to wonder, if humans are the architects of their destiny. This is a thematic revelation of things known and unknown in the context of both conscious and subconscious consciousness.

May you oh humans rise, see, think and say you will. May you oh humans join this very dear daring, with guaranteed fortifications.

Excerpts to be continued…


The Cosmingtologist
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