This Cosmingtonian music shop page is still going through reconstruction phases. Music making and its sound configurations is interestingly an unending expedition. We have some old samples of songs on many websites which have been drastically made to transform over the years. Thanks to acquired skills in correlation with new technologies. And with transformations come anticipations packaging, dissemination and monetization wise.

“At this level the indie world does not have enough muscle to power a new music genre, a new music medium and global antipiracy vigilance simultaneously”… The Cosmingtologist has concluded. Gigantic song titles like “World”, “Town Crier”, “Cosmingtocracy” and the rest have attested to these statements. This means all activities have to be outsourced to the global players with the right proficiency.

Stay precisely mindful.



P.S. - You can find some of our old samples of songs titled “Cosmingtonian” on iTune, CD Baby, Napster, Amazon Canada, France, Germany and UK, iMusic, Good Noise, Jpc,, Yahoo, emusic, and Great Indie, etc…

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