Flying and flying, they all come to stay. The sense of attached symbolism makes you wonder if they were ever needed in the first place. However, your founded query starts to bow at the sight of unity fostered at ceremonies, events and competitions of numerous values and utilities.

What would early ancestors think about those pieces of cloths, hanging and dangling on ropes and poles in countless places? Yes, those items of chosen colors held and swung high and low, which we all call flags. Are they the advocates of social evolution, the ascending effect of collective urbanizations, or the very glorification of higher echelons where patriotism never fails to abound? Anyway, let me put forward to you the essence of the Cosmingtonian flag, its intended global statements and unprecedented outreach.

The Cosmingtonian flag is a carefully calibrated item you may not fully appreciate if your sense of vigilance is previously engaged. May your first view of it rise beyond the realm of passion, prejudice and sentiments as this may create the kind of impression you may not figure out in time. The prominent goal was to have a flag that plays by the rules while simultaneously portraying the kind of uniqueness you never knew you yearn for. Now comes the background color I would call color foundation.

There are global entities already keeping other flags of unity flying. That flag-constellation which The United Nations and The Olympic Games are parts of has a contemplative positivity due to the cyclical nature of human endeavor and its post medieval history.

So long as the cosmos is a gigantic starry night, it has become a necessity that the flag of its microcosm, Cosmington, must portray its sophisticated compass configurations, by rising above positivity into the realm of creativity in order to meet with the challenges the entire human destiny must face. Hence, the black color foundation. This is not to announce another dark era of trauma but a starry night of creative exploration of the whole Cosmos and all of its magic and mysteries. I always say that without the night, you cannot see the stars. For without the stars, you may never get there.

Here I have to stand and tell truth to all. Color foundation and combination aside, this final outlook of the Cosmingtonian flag, is, the very embodiment of Cosmingtoneous deliberations of ideas, liberations of structural facts and calibration of a masterpiece that is zebra by nature, in line with all realities.

Like a certain old anthem once echoed, “Our flag shall be a symbol…”. What remains to be seen is how long it will take all nations, continents and entities to realize it is time to check in all their respective flags. One after the other.

A flying flag, of colors, second to none! 



The Cosmingtologist
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