The Emergent Mediation By...
Joining The Cosmingtonian Journey.

The Cosmingtonian journey is without doubt the most beautiful journey imaginable. You are made to recognize the most significant essence in anything with infallible, intuitive and perfect vigilance.  However, contaminating vision with lawless freedom could impede the perception of anything, within your immediate vicinity, in line with your whole horizon.

And here comes an intervention. This intervention is called Communology.  If Cosmingtology is the knowledge of Cosmington, Communology is the transition to that beautiful world now made near. A world that is void of hypocrisy, resentment and its retributions. A perfect world where there is absolutely no self-deception of self. Cosmingtologically put, it is a journey through Communology, to Cosmingtocracy, in Cosmingtology, for Cosmington.

By definition, Communology is the metamorphosis of socialism, communism and even democracy combined. It is the only entrance that should scan the rudimentary proclivity of all faiths and states as they struggle for emancipation within their present systems of things. It is an entrance with the verbal inscriptions of “shifting and drifting, no more.” 

Show me anyone that adheres to the basic tenets of Communology. I shall greet a Communologist. Tell me about things that are Communology related. I shall know you are into Communologics. What a Communual ascension. 

Excerpts to be continued.


The Cosmingtologist
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