Q & A:
Q - Why is it taking you so long a time to make your long awaited debut?

A - I am a Cosmingtologist who happens to be making music. My goal is to use music as a vehicle to transport Cosmingtology to the hearts and minds of all willing subscribers round the world. There are numerous laws inscribed in my work. One thing is to understand my work and the other is to use it to take the whole world to where it has never been. The best and only way anyone can use my work correctly is to subscribe to Cosmingtology. Fans have to be subscribers and subscribers have to be fans.

Q - What does it take to subscribe to Cosmingtology?

A - The desire to want to face honesty with a clear mind. The desire to want to listen to the truth from a clear voice. The desire to want to become a creative thinker with microscopic and telescopic vision. Fans may not understand what honesty, truth and vision mean, but subscribers can and should.

Q - When should one subscribe to Cosmingtology?

A - One should subscribe to Cosmingtology when one can read and understand basic Cosmingtonian terminologies. This is to make sure clear comprehension is not invaded by illusion, arrogance and self-deception. The desire to transform one’s own life for the highest of values is of more importance than any age graph issue.

Cosmingtostution (The Cosmingtonian Constitution) is in place to prevent every cohort splitter groups, that tend to always distort, the emergence of any transfiguration of this magnitude. Cosmingtonian shall be working in collaboration with all faiths, states and global institutions to enhance proper subscriptions.

Q - Where can one subscribe to Cosmingtology?

A - It is a thriving fact that many have always longed for a world of absolute perfection but would not understand the rudimentary criteria that guides its possibility, attainability and sustainability. We shall soon be instituting places people can visit in order to subscribe to Cosmingtology round the world. The faith and state you belong does not matter. However, your local authorities might have to vet you to prevent false subscriptions. This is to make sure subscribers are true blessings to their people.

Q - Who decides over illegibility?

A - Earthlings are so insensitive to ideas and ideals that are of paramount importance to life and its intended creative destiny.  Yes, they have always lacked the competence to diagnose their incompetence, right from the cradle of civilizations. Cosmingtopire has to decide over illegibility. Illegibility criteria shall be disclosed to the entire world in no distant time. Online and offline.

Q - I am still listening.

A - I truly appreciate the fact that no one has ever doubted that Cosmington is the microcosm of the whole Cosmos. I urge all Faiths, States and Entities to completely adhere to this very synopsis of the Cosmingtostution.

1. Cosmington and all of its derivatives are never to be symbolized. Proper consultations should be made prior to any affiliations.

2." Cosmington dot-com" must be treated with utmost vigilance, respect and hence obedience.  As the soul of the Cosmingtopire, I have the divine license to decide and take full responsibility for all my activities. Yes,  as a realist I definitely need no illusion imbedded or embedded in suggestions. Thus, there must be no interferences whatsoever from all Faiths, States, Entities and individuals. However difficult it has been with me.

3. The Cosmingtopire and its Cosmingtopital have never existed on this planet. They have to be build round the world in sanitized states by illegible Entities to avoid future human jeopardy. Thanks to an Earth blessed with enough sand and lands.

4. Cosmington is not for any kind of killings, be it in the clinics (ABORTIONS) or battle fields (WARS).

5. Oral sex, anal sex, the so-called doggy style and 69 positions in bedrooms must be eradicated. This is no ordinary factor when it comes to many human confusions, disabilities and fallibilities.

6. Just like Weapon I love. War I hate, The disabled I love. Disability I hate. Physical, sexual, mental and spiritual disabilities must be conquered. Thanks to the Cosmingtologist, Cosmingtology without doubt can aid technology to succeed.

7. Animals of all kinds should be returned to their habitats (FARMS). The so-called house pets in human homes are recipes for future disasters (BATTLE FIELDS), no matter how long. Take it or leave it. As for the industrial complex thriving on them, don’t you worry because with proper consultations you‘ll definitely make more money.

I hereby urge the whole world to trust in GOD. Not dogs!!!

This long excerpt to be continued.


The Cosmingtologist.
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