Dear Embryo Cosmingtosophers,

Conventional wisdom is based on experience. If experience is relative as we all know, a constant is needed to stride and thrive in life. That constant is divine wisdom which is called "Cosmingtonisdom" in Cosmingtology. The followings are some 22 grains of sand in the ocean of Cosmingtosophy.

1. You are, owing to I am, because I is who you are, and am is who you will.

2. Any law, be it of any place or thing, is frozen communication.

3. Human history is Homosapiens in motion.

4. I want to take you yonder but you are trying to keep me under. Wonders start to struggle and stuggles start to roar.

5. Discard imposed compassions. They tend to always make homes, places to pass by.

6. In an ever-changing world, you must not seize every opportunity as we have always been told. If you do, you would end up becoming an opportunist before you know it. No! Always create your opportunities.

7. As you journey through life, keep vigilance. Those who fight for you, you must fight for in return. Hence the center would always hold. Never fight for yourself when they fight for you. For if you do, it is not if, but when you shall fight yourself.

8. Money by description is nothing but collective responsibility. We choose to either make it the root of evil or goodness. Always choose goodness.

9. Green house gas emission is of two folds. One is bloodshed and the other is carbon monoxide. They both cloud our physical, mental and spiritual space.

10. Weapon I love. War I hate. You can never explore the universe and anything in it, without weapons. A man was placed in a weapon and shot into outer space. The rest became history.

11.  Where there is deficiency expect no decency. People tend to usually glorify failure with painful pleasure. Thus, surpluses should be your ultimate.

12. Do what you fear and the death of fear is certain you are always told. Consequences sometimes of devastating proportions become reality. Study fear and your heart would forever grow stronger.

13. It is just that one cannot teach old people new things you hear time and time again?  Then teach new people old things.

14. It starts with us against them. Then me against us. And thereafter, I against me. I against me is suicide. Me against us is homicide. Us against them is genocide. Solution? Us-I-them.

15. Choosing to always do anything you can to others will always reveal what you canít. No persons or people get away with it, over time.

16. Be cautious when you want to know who your enemies truly are, for one mistake may make you one of them.

17. Never ever attempt to contaminate texts either with context or pretext for it can be very injurious to minds and times.

18. Self-deception of self, slyly plunged into positive thinking is abysmal to our digital age and its benefits. It is a recipe for future disasters

19. Join them if you canít beat them you are always told. I wonder why you needed to beat those and what are good enough in the first place. Listen; leave them if you canít beat them. Walk away and go pioneering the better and best.

20. I would rather go with truth than mercy. The treble gradient laws of donít lie, donít steal and donít kill shall always prevail.

21. One is to be great and the other is to be safe. If love is the greatest thing in the universe, then trust is the safest. We all love trust though it is hard to trust love. Let trust abound and I will transfigure the world.

22. Sow no war seeds! Roots do shoot. Costs? Lose. Lose. Lose...


The Cosmingtologist
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