Whenever you hear the noun Cosmington, I sincerely urge you to think of three absolute realities:

1. The microcosm of the whole cosmos.
2. The center that held and still holds.
3. A noun where the east, west, north and south have no other choice than to meet and thrive.

1. As the microcosm of the whole cosmos, it was spun into the orbit of humans and world peace decades ago. I have trademarked it for two very important reasons. One is to take full responsibility for its activities until it is well understood. The other is to legally make sure nobody bears it due to the nature of its origin and destiny.

2. As the center that held and still holds, it took individuals, brands, nations and hence the world there. It wants to do it again because it can, should and must.

3. As a meeting point, all race, religions, nations and Continents must dress well, and be prepared for the long awaited empire of heaven on this imperial planet called earth. Period.


The Cosmingtologist
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