"It took me so long in life to realize that music is life. That I am a musician. That a musician must make music in order to be whole…," he has always said. However, here is an artist who is literally giving birth to a new genre with a 50-Songs debut album he calls "Encored Résumé".

By the way, the name is new. The knowledge is new. The image is new. The genre is “Imperial Music”. “Cosmingtonian” which is the title of the album is nothing but a “Teacher Preacher”. Let us hope all and sundry would embrace an unprecedented art whose origin has witnessed a cosmos of tributaries and millennia.

"As a mono-artist, musically speaking, I feel like a pioneer whose letter writing skills are blessed with digital realities," he once admitted to a close confidant. No wonder he titled a song "World".

If this album is a piece of poetry, please, do appreciate it.

Thanks for the Cosmingtographical read.

Excerpt to be continued.


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