(The Cosmingtonian Passports).

I have always boasted I can rescue, transform, and transfigure the world in no distant time. The fact is the more time passes by the clearly possible it becomes. Now, imagine an area of unilateral jurisdiction wherein you are given a clean heart and blessed with divine wisdom and vision. Imagine you are a creative thinker. And the planet is a piece of geography in your palms. What will you do with your mind?

As first a Cosmingtonian and second a Cosmingtologist, I will want to create a seemingly impossible empire of heaven on that piece of geography I imagine you now imagine you have in your palms.

Thus, you are invited towards becoming fellow Cosmingtonian and welcomed to Cosmington. However, make no mistakes; it is not by any inclination a false, partial or deceitful adventure. You have to be ready to be ready for an illegibility. Truly put, the days of the Cosmingtonian passports, are closing in.

There has always been a premise, which states it is not what you say that matters but people’s reception of it. I had to visit the cyber world to research the word “International Passport” for a simple reason. The reason was to be enabled to say things the way people like you can receive with no Cosmingtophobia. The discovery though neither beyond nor contrary to my expectation, may be too subliminal for your notification. Here I refuse to rest my case as in the followings:

You must be an infant on diapers not to understand the role the word dispute as an ugly package plays as far as global disunity is concerned. You have border disputes. You have trade disputes. You have political disputes. You have religious disputes. You even have pre-post-cross-multi-inter-racial-marital and carbon disputes. Heck, where are we to and fro?

I promise not to infuriate if you would pledge to allow me grab your willing attention with this seemingly nonchalant interrogation. What would you do with a Cosmingtonian Passport if you have the Cosmingtoneous opportunity to hold one?

May you tomorrow and forever always tell me you are an honest Cosmingtonzen.


The Cosmingtologist
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