Firstly, Cosmingtony (The Cosmingtonian Anthem) is deeply rooted in Cosmingtology. It is written to consolidate the modus operandi that can truly liberate the worlds of religions, politics, arts and sciences from their realms of dire deficiencies, into the holistic reestablishment of the cosmic plan and clan. Cosmingtobviously put, what you have is the very proclamation of a Cosmos lost and found.

Secondly, Cosmingtonant (The Cosmingtonian Pledge) actually makes you subscribe to Cosmingtology. With honesty of heart and purpose, any embryo Cosmingtonzen should Cosmingtosiastically swear allegiance to Cosmington anywhere in the whole Cosmos.

Lastly and Cosmingtotriotically, yes. I am a Cosmingtonzen. But are you?


The Cosmingtologist
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