We have over 190 nations on earth. Ask any of their citizens who they are and they would proudly display their nationalities. This same behavior is also applicable when you query their continents.

That of the world is still unknown to me except claiming to either being human beings or citizens of the world. I challenge you the reader to ask yourself if that is enough. In case it is, I donít envy you.

How about being a Cosmingtonian citizen (Cosmingtonzen)? A human history of over six thousand years has never witnessed a citizenship of this magnitude and sheer sophistication, ever.

As a Cosmingtonian, you would ultimately be intricately attuned to a mega heart that can embrace the whole Cosmos,  in its entire ramification. Attaining this level of consciousness wonít be farfetched.

In no distant time.

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The Cosmingtologist
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