They all have different sizes, shapes and functionalities. They all came and have stayed put. They all have one content in common. And that content is music.

Imagine you are a huge fan of an artist. It is announced that the artist is about to release an album. And you can’t wait to have it. Let us go to the shops.

This is no business as usual should you think this is all about vinyl, cassette or CD. No. This is about a brilliant concept the music industry should know it desperately needs. It is all about something that is already around but has not been used to fully complement durability with sophisticated glamour. Understandably, this should be the very first time you are getting to know things about “The Compact Plug”.

What you get with the “CP” mounted on any plug and play console is practically the same with the CD been inserted into any CD player. Music goes on at the press of a play button.

The advantage a CP has over a CD is that an artist can excellently offer you music wave files that may sound beyond any ever possible compared to what you can get from even a vinyl for example. Whereas music in a typical CD album comes in mp3 files format. Simply put, CDs only have approximately 700 megabits while CPs go with gigabits space wise. More space better sound.

Now let’s talk about the CDs visa vise the CPs in the world of PCs. Almost all CD albums come in mp3 files format as stated earlier on. All you do is to open the casing, slot and play. However, an artist releasing a CP album can go into a fan’s world and enrich it with lots of possibilities imaginable. You don’t only plug and play with these treasurable CPs, you open the casing, plug, play, and stay to explore your favorite star in his or her constellation.

Plugging a CP album into a computer is like starting a sensational journey. A folder with Album Songs, Sample Songs, Descriptions, Graphics, Video, Contacts and Downloads subfolders welcomes you in as follows;

Album Songs:
The album songs folder contains the music files of the artist in the fullest of lengths. Unlike in the sample songs folder, you cannot delete, you cannot copy, and you cannot transfer to any player including your own computer. But you can always plug, play, lend out and even give away any CP album you buy as gifts.

Quite honestly, it is like buying and using a ticket for life. This is to make sure the music you love to always listen to remains safe forever. But all impartial studies ever made have always proven that such music cannot make it if your favorite star spends time begging for food and shelter instead of spending the same amount of time making and supplying you with the type of music you love. 

The Cosmingtologist once wrote and I quote; “So long as the creator is neither religious nor political but musical, it is quite apparent that what happens to music happens to cultures. What happens to cultures happens to societies.  What happens to societies happens to civilizations. And what happens to civilizations happens to all of habitations”. A stitch in time we are always told saves all. Just make sure you read on.

Sample Songs:
The sample songs folder contains the music files of the artist in the length of seconds. Unlike in the album songs folder, you can copy, and you can transfer to any player including your own computer. You can always plug, play, lend out and even give away the sample songs in such a CP album you buy as gifts. It does not matter if in this case it is a CP album somebody else has lent you. They could be very ideal for your ringtone configurations. And lest I forget, you cannot delete these sample songs too.

In case you are able to discover a favorite star, the descriptions folder that comes with his or her released CP album should give you an unprecedented insight into his or her world through the lyrics, bio and lots of things he or she may never have put out to the world before. It’s up to your star in his or her CP released album to prove that the proof of the puddings shall always be in the eating. These you cannot delete.

If every picture tells a story, the graphics presented by your favorite star should be an insight into lots of things that may lubricate the hinges of your caring curiosity. Show me a place where stars are stars and fans fans and I would want to make it a place to catch a ray. You can’t always miss out on those visual stories. These you cannot delete.

The video folder makes the whole difference as far as music consumption is concerned. This is a fantastic possibility artists with the means to offer fans their music video never had before. Never in the history of all albums ever released. These reliable CPs all have space latitude for at least an album video depending on the patronage of fans and hence the affluence of their stars. This folder you cannot delete.

Things are missing either by been stolen or misplaced. Your contact folder gives anyone a glimpse of who and where you are if and when your fanciful CP happens to stray away. All you are expected to do is just follow the rules by filing in some information as to where and how you can be contacted. This you cannot delete.

For your downloads, you need space.  Any CP album you purchase would provide a folder for your willing transfers and internet downloads. You may have to create a password in order to access these operations if you so choose. Anything in this folder you can either choose to add to or delete.

Let us face it. There are those who have neither computers nor plug and play consoles talk less having to be engaged with anything as far as the said sophisticated CP opulence is concerned.

The good news is that there are those who already own consoles with anticipated CP playing possibilities.

The better news is that there are more Private Computers (PCs) on earth today than CD players when CD first made its debut in homes.

The best news is that the rudimentary nature of private computers as necessities in all homes may make these elegant CPs the marvelous win-win essentials the PC desires.

Let me end this presentation by quoting The Cosmingtologist one more time. “Creative thinkers employ applied vision”.


The Cosmingtologist
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