I am the Cosmingtologist (Cst.). I have over decades risen to acquire all the Cosmingtonian titles with utmost sincerity. I have convinced myself it is most simplistic to introduce myself as the Cosmingtologist (Cst.), though I am the only Cosmingtologer (Cer.) and Cosmingtologian (Can.) alive.
Furthermore, I am the only one holding the Chair of Cosmingtology as a Cosmingtologer (Cer.) and Cosmingtologian (Can.) at Cosmington. And things should remain this way for a very good while, and reason.

Telling the truth with a clear voice is this. I intend to Cosmingtonise Technology with Cosmingtology first and foremost through music. And nothing can ever be done to prevent this!

This is a wonderful road fully travelled. You are obliged to start your own journey as a Cosmingtonian by being Cosmingtonised. After your Cosmingtonisation comes the Cosmingtoner (Cr.) title for males and Cosmingtoness (Cs.) title for females.

The higher titles like (Cst.), (Cer.), and (Can.) are extremely Cosmingtogural by nature. These are titles for individuals with Cosmic and millennia minds. Individuals who honestly know it is time to take the whole world to where it has never been. And I intend to take my fight round the world to find those individuals.

It takes a lot to be in my world. You are expected to practice what you preach with flawless impartiality while simultaneously having zero tolerance to things that are anti-Cosmingtonian. These are things that would not take this earth and its earthlings, anywhere.

Futuristically, I shall roll out Clan Science (extremely simplified Cosmingtology). In no distant time. Language, toleration and accommodation aside, I urge everyone to willingly prepare for a pricy verity that is exclusive enough for this seventh millennium. An age of collective individuality.

I shall be challenging both oriental and occidental civilizations with humble prides and startling vision of the entire Cosmos. Donít you worry; humiliation and distractions would have no place in our vocabularies. But humility and attractions definitely will.

The infallible fact surrounding the fall of man as an ever unfinished business has to surface very prominently. Cosmingtobviously put, fallibility has to give way to infallibility in order to honestly brand heaven and establish its empire on earth.

Like a lawful man with a millennia mind once alluded to, God created the world in six days and rested in the seventh. Today is "Tuday", "Cosmingtonaqua" the third, six thousand and thirteen CC.  What a date for a day in an age.



The Cosmingtologist
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