Cosmingtosonics as a record label, is a derivative of Cosmington, and hence synonymous to Cosmington Music.

Recently established, Cosmingtosonics as an enterprise focuses its current activities exclusively on all songs to be released by The Cosmingtologist, a passionate singer and Songwriter many affectionately refer to as one of the emerging artist of our millennium.

Excess  of praises aside, our one and only Cosmingtologist is the only Cosmingtovidual that holds the chair of Cosmingtology, as a Cosmingtologer and Cosmingtologian, at Cosmington. A place we all have come to belong.

Is this your first visit to our site? Then do look around. We feature the kind of peace-songs that are highly needed in today’s world.

We are counting on visitors like you to be the ones to spread the good words about us to friends, relatives and lovers of rare and new music.

Thank you.


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